Composition and Arranging

We write inspiring music for all events and occasions. We have a team of specialists who can provide you with the perfect piece of music for your project - classical, electronic, rock, jazz, etc. Our work includes:

  • Music For Films
  • Jingles For Advertisement
  • Soundtracks For Computer Games
  • Music For Theatre

Please visit our LISTEN! page.


The company's lyricists and composers can write songs in all styles and for all events. For example:

  • Songs for theatre
  • Pop songs
  • Jazz songs
  • Alternative gifts for events such as weddings, christening, anniversaries, etc.

MIDI Playback Service

If you're a composer and you need to produce decent demos of your work we can help. We have a large collection of instrument libraries, from classical music to obscure ethnic instruments. Coupled with advanced programming skills we can produce a professional sounding demo that even musicians will find hard telling them apart from the real thing! Visit Playback service page for more information.